Thursday, 21 April 2011

How to get your video on first page on YouTube and Google

In video clips above you see that the optimization is very important, but do not target just one keyword aim for three or four. It is very important to embed video on your website or blog, especially if you have high pagerank blog or website, because on this way you are creating dofollow links to your video. As Google owns YouTube, dofollow links play an important role in the ranking of the clip on YouTube and on Google. The more dofollow links the better ranking. If you don't have high pagerank blog or website, you can embed your video on dofollow forums, that is just as good if not better. List of high pagerank dofollow forums.

When creating your posts on your blog or on a dofollow forum, be sure to optimize these posts. Title, tags and post or forum thread must be optimized for search engines, because that way you create related links to your videos.

An important role has a number of views, comments and likes that your video have, the more the better. Google especially appreciate comments, so if your video, post or forum thread has more comments it will be ranked better on Google.

Comments and likes you can get in three ways: if you have a large number of hits, or to pay someone or using a bot. It is best if you have a viral video, if you use one of the other two options, you risk to be banned from YouTube.

I use microworkers and minuteworkers to get likes and comments. At these sites you pay people to like your video and leave a comment on your video. This is much better because real people like and comment. You can hire people from the U.S., Canada or the UK or the rest of the world. People from U.S., CA, UK costs a little more from 20 to 60 cents. People from the rest of the world costing from 5 to 10 cents. It is best to post a link to your video on Twitter, Facebook or some other site and from there you send people to view your video, to avoid any suspicion by YouTube.